Pazartesi, Mart 20, 2006

winter rose

Precious winter rose, beautiful and rare,
Precious winter rose, in a garden there..

Now there's only thorns in the garden there,
All of the petals are tattered and torn,
Scattered everywhere..

And the hand that crushed the winter rose was mine..


At 21/3/06 09:43, Anonymous Adsız said...

Do you really think
Your hand could crush the winter rose?
Then my precious,
turn back and look at the garden again ... :)

At 21/3/06 11:17, Anonymous Adsız said...

ne diyonuz yahu turkce please, ama illa ingilizce talep ediliyorsa there you go:

how green became the nut fields,

look how green became the nut fields,

again became the nut fields green,


Yorum Gönder

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